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“When you measure what you are speaking about and express it in numbers, you know something about it, but when you cannot express it in numbers, then your knowledge is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind; it may be the beginning of knowledge, but you have scarcely in your thoughts, advanced to the stage of science, whatever the matter maybe." – Sir William Thompson (Lord Kelvin) 1824-1907

Intellectual Property in the world of start-ups is gaining momentum and is expanding to new horizons in the era of competition. Young entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly aware of the concept of IP and the need to protect it. But the challenges are faced in getting through the legal complexities related to IP, due to it being a multidisciplinary and thus complicated subject.

ALTS has the required proficiency in the technicalities related to the matters concerning-
  • Domain names and internet related Intellectual Property issues
  • Patents (Utility Patents & Design Patents)
  • New forms of Intellectual Property
  • Copyright
  • Trade secrets
  • Geographical Indications
  • Trademarks
  • Intellectual Property Valuation for ventures
  • Designs


Real estate is a complex web of laws that includes the Transfer of Property Act of 1882, the Registration Act of 1908, the Indian Stamps Act, the Indian Easements Act of 1882, and the Indian Contract Act of 1872. Any transaction related to real estate also necessarily implies the application of the Income Tax Act, 1961, among other laws. To simplify this complex legal web, ALTS possesses a qualified and proficient team who can handle real estate transactions in a very simplified manner, letting the individual to freely invest and transact in the sector while assisting in:

  • Due Diligence and reports on title and licenses
  • Licensing & compliance
  • RERA implications/Regulations
  • Negotiation & documentation
  • Sale & purchase
  • Development & construction
  • Leasing & license
  • Operations & management & concessions
  • Tenancy issues
  • Financing documentation
  • Securitization of real estate portfolios
  • Any other required documents


When it comes to litigation, whether civil or criminal, ALTS employs a diverse skill set to assist our clients in navigating through diverse conflicts. The team operates to provide litigation help in securing rights through national and local courts, in the areas of family disputes, contract law, commercial law and corporate disputes, property disputes etc. Equitable execution in representing the clients helps us to evaluate the facts and issues in every matter and provide pre-dominant representation.

We are capable of providing the following services, but not limited to:
  • Suit for recovery of money, estate, property (Movable or immovable), debts, dues, actionable claims, damages, rendition of accounts etc.
  • Suit for specific performances of contacts or agreements.
  • Suit for partition of immovable properties.
  • Suit for permanent/mandatory/temporary injunctions.
  • Suit for eviction & Possession.
  • Suit for declaration.
  • Application for obtaining a probate/letter of administration / succession certificate.
  • Petitions related to election disputes;
  • Petitions for Accident Claims before MACT
  • Recovery of Debts Due to financial institutions before DRTs.
  • Petitions before the CAT under the Service Laws, Petitions before the SEBI/FERA/MRTP board/tribunals; Writs petitions before the High Courts and Supreme Courts.
  • Revision, Review, Appeal, Special leave to Appeal etc.
  • Eviction petition by landlords for the tenanted premises.
  • Protection of tenants from forceful and illegal eviction & Application of fixation of rent before the Rent Controller
  • Suit for Injunction, Rendition of Accounts and Damages for infringement of trademark;
  • Writs, SLPs and Public Interest Litigations
  • Contempt Petitions
  • Drafting and filing Written Statements / Reply/ Counter affidavits / Rejoinders etc.
  • Transfer petitions under CPC and CrPC before High Courts and Supreme Courts;


ALTS provides criminal litigation services wherein our attorneys represent clients at a PAN India level, either defending or prosecuting them. The team is well-prepared to deal with the complexities and ramifications that come with criminal proceedings. Our qualified team has extensive experience in handling criminal as well as quasi-criminal cases. The team covers all aspects of a case to come up with the best ways to ensure a fair trial. In the area of criminal law, the firm provides the following services:

  • Legal assistance in filing police complaints / Registration of FIR / Criminal Complaints under the provisions of law of crime/IPCs.;
  • Filing and arguing of Anticipatory Bail applications U/s 438 of CrPC before the Court of Session and High Courts;
  • Filing of Regular Bail Application u/s 437 of CrPC before Criminal Courts including JM/MM/ASJ etc.;
  • Filing of Regular Bail Application u/s 439 of CrPC before Sessions Courts & High courts;
  • Filing of Revision Petition under Sec. 397 of CrPC. against the acquittal / conviction;
  • Filing a petition U/s 482 of CrPC for quashing of F.I.R or staying the criminal procedure before the High Courts;
  • Representing clients as defense counsel in criminal trials before magistrates or Courts of Session; Filing/defending Complaint under Section 138 of the N. I. Act before magistrates; Filing/defending Criminal Complaint under various provisions and sections of the Indian Penal Code, Companies Act, Factories Act, Food Adulteration Act, Passport Act, NDPS Act, Arms Act, etc.
We further have the diligent knowledge to assist in matters pertaining to:
  • Complaints filed for the office of Cheating & Criminal Misappropriation of funds;
  • Complaints filed for the office of Criminal Breach of Trust and criminal conspiracy;
  • Complaints filed for the office of Dishonour of Cheque under 138 of the N.I. Act;
  • Complaints filed for the office of Cheating, Forgery and Mischief;
  • Various economic offences that are punishable under SEBI, FEMA, Passport Act, Immigration Act etc.;
  • Offenses related to marriage, such as (a) offences punishable under the Dowry Prohibition Act (b) domestic violence Act (c) 498A, 406 IPC;
  • Offenses related to drugs punishable under the NDPS Act;
  • Offenses related to abatement, unlawful assembly, and disturbing public tranquillity
  • Offences related to Public Servants and Contempt of the lawful authority of Public Servants;
  • Offence related to Elections under section 171 (A-I) of IPC;
  • Offence related to weights and measures, public health, safety, decency, and morals;
  • Offences affecting the human body (viz. murder, Attempt to Murder, Abatement, attempt to suicide, dowry death, causing death by negligence, hurt, grievous hurt, wrongful restraint, Criminal Force, Abduction, Kidnapping, trafficking, rape, unnatural sex etc;
  • Offences related to property, viz. theft, robbery, extortion, cheating, breach of trust, misappropriation of properties etc;
  • And other offences are punishable under the code of Indian Penal and other penal law;

The firm represents its clients before the honourable Supreme Court, all High Courts, District Courts, tribunals, forums, commissions all over the country in all criminal litigation matters.



ALTS's conscientious team employs a unified approach for long-term reconstruction and perceptive resolutions of household disputes. The team works with due diligence in providing counselling, mediation, conciliation, negotiation and assistance in litigation or any other required adversarial alternative of dispute resolution along with the supplemental psychological help. ALTS advises the honest litigation route for confidential family disputes included under the following acts:

  • Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act, 1886
  • Caste Disablities Removal Act, 1850
  • Divorce Act, 1869
    • Indian Divorce (Amendment) Act, 2001
    • Marriage Laws (Amendment) Act, 2001
  • Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961
    • Dowry Prohibition (Maintenance of Lists of Presents to the Bride and Bridegroom) Rules, 1985
  • Family Courts Act, 1984
  • Foreign Marriage Act, 1969
    • Foreign Marriage Rules, 1970
  • Guardians and Wards Act, 1890
  • Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956
  • Hindu Marriage (Validation of Proceedings) Act, 1960
  • Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
  • Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956
  • Hindu Succession Act, 1956
    • Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005
  • Hindu Widows' Remarriage Act, 1856
  • Indian Succession Act, 1925
    • Indian Succession (Amendment) Act, 2002
  • Married Women's Property (Extension) Act, 1959
  • Married Women's Property Act, 1874
  • Maternity Benefits Act, 1961
    • Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill, 2016
  • Matrimonial Causes (War Marriages) Act 1948
  • Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act, 1937
  • Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act, 1986
    • Muslim Women (Protection Of Rights On Divorce) Rules, 1986
  • Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019
  • Personal Laws Amendment Bill, 2018
    • Personal Laws (Amendment) Act, 2010
  • Special Marriage Act, 1954



TMT is the converging point of different and constantly evolving sub-sectors. ALTS’ invaluable capability linked with a drive for innovation enables it to create solutions that can answer the existing challenges and can make the most of new options available in the market. With insights not only on business issues but also on the capabilities and risks of the TMT sector, the team seeks to generate new revenue streams through digital transformation and restructuring the existing models by combining the technical know-how with the demands of the industry.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:
  • Mergers and acquisitions-Complete M & A support to Tech. companies
  • Corporate finance – Including securities, private equity, and corporate venturing.
  • Procurement – Systems, hardware and software procurement, integration, and maintenance agreements.
  • Data processing – Agreements dealing with data processing, Internet connectivity and data networking
  • Outsourcing – Outsourcing of IT and other services, including business processes such as accounts receivable or payroll
  • Joint ventures – IT joint ventures and IT aspects of mergers and acquisitions
  • Agreement negotiations – Agreements dealing with IT/Communications packages such as the delivery of content to mobile devices
  • Intellectual property issues – IP rights in software, hardware, databases and other technologies or issues involving complex technology licensing, registration, and enforcement
  • E-commerce and online communications – Cross-border data transfers and on-line advertising
  • Security – System and network security, data protection, authentication, integrity, confidentiality, information security and record retention.
  • Privacy issues – Development of privacy policies and audits, compliance, and risk management
  • Disputes – Management of disputes related to everything we have mentioned, from systems agreements to complex e-commerce transactions, litigation, arbitration, and mediation, including technology disputes



ALTS handles a wide spectrum of complex competition law matters by developing innovative solutions to analyse the broad areas of the Competition Act. Anti- trust litigation pertains to the mergers and acquisitions of business entities, regulating monopolies and trusts to encourage fair competition in the market. With the diverse knowledge of our team, ALTS, focuses on dealing with the relevant market and market power, and calculating the damages that arise out of illegal behaviour.

The firm advises on a whole range of competition and anti-trust issues, including but not limited to:

  • Cartels and anti-trust investigations.
  • Abuse of dominant position
  • Merger control regulations
  • Bidding and public procurement
  • Commercial agreements (such as distributor/ agency agreements, joint venture agreements, cooperation agreements, licensing agreements etc.)
  • Competition law compliance strategies, programs, and audits; and
  • Competition litigation.



Start-ups are an innovation an innovator carries forward to enhance their invention. We at Angina Legal and Tech solutions understand that a rigid legal establishment is required for a more smooth and valuable new business model. ALTS, as an innovative firm, looks forward to hearing new ideas and being a part of a new business's growth story.

It is crucial for the success of a business to decide the correct structure to run a business. We acknowledge the fact that the key to the growth of any business is set up by the right legal foundation and hence we assist the new venture to understand their business and to help achieve their end goals.



Virtual currency, now since it has been legalised by the Supreme Court, has a world of opportunities hidden in it. It is constantly changing and evolving into a distinct and unique legal area. Since, the area is still emerging and making its presence known slowly to the world, a complex web of legal issues comes along with it, since every nation has a different legal scenario w.r.t. the concept of Blockchain technology. Such issues need proper legal advice to avoid the imposition of hefty penalties and criminal charges.

ALTS specializes in the field of Blockchain and virtual currency. Our pool of knowledge and experience adds to our specialty in dealing with cryptocurrency and related matters. We provide expert advice on issues such as security tokens, cryptocurrency buying and selling, and international transactions, as well as draft whitepapers, terms and conditions, non-disclosure agreements, and all other formalities that must be followed in the legal sector.



ALTS has the skills and required aptitude to align our litigation approach with the interests of our clients. The team aspires to provide counsel for resolving contentious matters involving civil, criminal, commercial and other disputes, while carefully handling the risks involved and commuting the same. Our services are spread across litigation, arbitration, regulatory and pre-dispute advisory contracts and agreements.

Areas of expertise include:
  • Anti-Trust & Competition
  • Corporate Insolvency disputes
  • Cross Border Litigation and Investigations
  • Domestic & international arbitration
  • Economic Offences
  • Finance and Securities Litigation
  • Insurance Disputes
  • Labour litigation
  • Litigation in administrative courts where Govt. is involved
  • Merger, Amalgamation and Arrangements
  • Print Media
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Recovery proceedings
  • Shareholders Dispute including oppression & Mismanagement
  • Telecommunication
  • Arbitration Petitions before High Court, seeking appointment of Arbitrators.
  • Petition under sections 9 of Arbitrations & Conciliation Act seeking interim measures;
  • Petition under sections 34 of Arbitrations & Conciliation Act challenging the arbitration awards.



Corporate and commercial law are the backbone of an economic life. Given the changes in judiciary the rhythm is difficult for investors and businesses to keep up with the reality in terms of the rule. We at ALTS promise our clients to deliver the best corporate advice for any legal hindrance or crisis one faces.

We provide professional counselling and litigation services through all phases an entity goes:
  • Choosing the type while establishing the entity.
  • Securing venture capital / private equity funding.
  • Advising on business and operational restructuring.
  • Ensuring smooth working of business with respect to compliance to all the legal formalities required time to time.
  • Working out ways of dissolution / winding up alternatives.
  • Drafting, negotiation and finalization of various vendor contracts, services contracts, etc.

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    PRO BONO is derived from the Latin phrase ‘Pro Bono Publico’, which means for public good. At ALTS, we recognise that justice for all is more than an abstract concept; it is a daily effort to ensure that society’s most vulnerable are fairly represented. The dedicated team of ALTS promotes advocacy to combat injustices and provide proper representation and assistance to those who are in need of representation but are unable to afford and are struggling to navigate through the complex legal system. The team formulates a strategic direction for people to access their rights in pursuit of a just society. ALTS encourages pro bono initiatives to unite and develop as a strong community to ensure justice and fairness for all.