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Mr. Raj A. Kapoor is the founder and chairman of the India Blockchain Alliance & Chief Growth Officer at Chainsense Ltd. the largest Indian Emerging Technology think tank. He is also the chairman for Organisation of Blockchain Technology users(OBTU) the Asia lead for technology & innovation at block space Technologies Limited. He was also selected this year as a top cryptocurrency and Blockchain influencer buy Asian market cap. He is also an advisory board member for several Blockchain companies.

Mr. Kapoor is also skilled in AI, robotics, cyber security, IoT and cloud computing. He has designed and worked on four blockchains, 5 centralised exchanges, three swaps and 3 DEX's. He is now working with his team on india's own indigenous blockchain with Chainsense Limited and many other such projects.

He is a global blockchain, Fintech and cryptocurrency educator along with being a certified Bitcoin professional and a blockchain solution architect. He is a TedX speaker who regularly speaks at several International seminars and conferences in Boston, Amsterdam, India, UK, Malaysia, Canada and many other countries. He has spoken in over 70 International and national events the most recent one being for the Nigeria Fintech week, 2021.



Nikhil Bhaskaran, the Founder of 'Shunya Os and', is one of ARM's Global 40 Innovators. Being an alumnus of MIT USA, his professional education is inclusive of embedded AI, and the MIT Sloan School of Management for Design Thinking and Innovation.

Nikhil has been an entrepreneur since he was a college student, with over a decade of experience in core electronics, from design to manufacturing. He has always operated in the technology sector and has paired up with people from all over the world, especially in China. During his 8-year entrepreneurial career in China, he gained invaluable insight into the worldwide electronics, manufacturing, and product development supply chains. He evaluated the future shifts and relocated to India to start an operating system company and a network that provides free AI and IoT training to aspirants. He's the type of entrepreneur who believes the pie only grows bigger by sharing.



Ishaan is a tech entrepreneur with a goal to solve real-world problems making human life better. He has over seven years of experience building products in the wide range of IoT, data analytics and Blockchain. Ishaan holds a master’s degree from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and bachelors from Vellore Institute of Technology, India, under the faculty of mechanical and aerospace engineering. During his research work at Nanyang technological University Ishaan has authored a paper and a patent. He was also awarded the Indian Achievers’ Award 2020 for Innovations. Currently, he is the founder and CEO of a successful start-up Vigti Private Limited helping gas utility companies to monitor their pipeline assets with higher efficiency using their SAAS based AI solution.



Mr. Harman Puri, the Co-founder of BlockTing, a Blockchain marketing company incubate by the BlockOn group. He is an area advisory Board member for Amity University, professional Blockchain content creator, and Blockchain consultant for a few companies. In the past, he has been a Blockchain developer and consultant for Webmob Software Solutions and the head of Blockchain at their Blockchain RnD. He has given Faculty Development Programs in Blockchain for major colleges like JSSATE, Sanjeevni College, and Amity University. He has also contributed as a Blockchain content creator for several international organizations such as LunaPR, 101Blockchains, IntellectEU, Harmony(ONE), QuillHash, and many more.

Currently, he is working on Blockchain platforms like Algorand, Solana, Cardano, Flow, WAX, Matic, Avalanche, and Terra. Previously, he has worked with Ethereum, Corda, Hyperledger. He is a Corda certified developer and a certified Blockchain expert. He has worked in Trade Finance, Money Market, Supply Chain, Asset Tokenization, and Decentralised Finance. Apart from this, he has also been a Blockchain trainer in the past and delivered Blockchain courses for students and working professionals.