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ALTS is a new age firm and believes in delivering strategies, ideas, and insights by understanding the needs of the business and innovation. ALTS is a democratic organization embedded with ethical and professional value. ALTS ensures to value time to provide priority to our clients for the best performance required. The strength of our firm is to be client centric in nature. At ALTS we provide our clients with a team of young lawyers who are ingenious, receptive, motivated, and industrious individuals and leave no stone unturned for perfect client satisfaction.
The motto of the firm – ‘Marked for Prominence’ signifies our commitment to work and the value ALTS attaches to every task. ALTS undertakes to ensure to provide the best rational legal solutions to our clients with the diverse and changing regulatory environment in a timely manner.
ALTS being a first-generation law firm appreciates creativity, enthusiasm, knowledge, commitments, and professionalism. ALTS is keen on assisting the new generation of businesses where innovative ideas flourish and lead into successful stories. ALTS is an organization that partners with entrepreneurs, investors, businessmen, developers, and dreamers.
ALTS is trained for new emerging regulatory framework and business patterns which leads us to provide professional consultancy and legal advices by understanding the clients as well as the business needs and work for their legal compliance by strategizing the legal journey and fulfilling the requirements.
Being a technologically driven modern firm, ALTS uses technology extensively to heighten responsiveness and resourcefulness.
ALTS is wholeheartedly invested in providing the best way to cater the needs of the client, conduct their legal work, grow the business, and support the unheard community.

How We Give Back to the Society

At ALTS we believe in a transformed Society and the firm embraces people regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, or orientation. In the organization we want to create a workplace that fosters diversity and equal opportunities for everyone so that their personalities and qualities become a contribution for the other needy. By establishing a culture (of hand in hand development) ALTS aims to encourage volunteering of employees and the weaker sections to come together and play a pragmatic, productive and useful part in the society. ALTS also takes the responsibility to support and educate the Public Officers and General Public by organizing legal seminars, lectures, and workshops. Such incentives are valuable tools to educate the public and keep the society informed. ALTS also has a strong belief in pro bono work and service to the community. Our firm frequently offers pro bono offers and services to the clients (who need it the most). We strive to assist the community whenever we can.